Norwegian Birthday Cake

Some would say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Americans eats a very heavy breakfast, while Norwegian stay put with their bread and brown cheese. You will find lots of delicious breakfast recipe on this page.

ChefNorway’s Cake Special: Norwegian Birthday Cake Part 1: Sponge

A Norwegian birthday cake is an amazing cake. Normally we would order one from a bakery, but I will show you how easy it could be made. I will show you some parts that would take a little training to master, but then you would have to try it many times. This is the part where we’ll make the sponge part. It takes a few ingredients, and about 1 hour to make.

Norwegian Birthday Cake Part 2 – Round Marzipan Cake

This is the second part of my Norwegian Birthday Cake Special. In this part I will show you how to fill the cake with cream, jam and everything to make this a perfect moist and sweet cake! Here I’ll use marzipan as the last layer.

Two The Worlds Best

I just love this cake. I was first introduced to this during a birthday party in my early teens. It was my friend’s birthday and I still remember his mom making a double stacked cake tall as any American cake.

You won’t believe me before you taste this, but it might just be as good as the description. I know I’m one step closer to heaven cutting a big piece of this bad boy of a cake. Seriously it is that good! Also known as “Kvæfjordkake” in Norway.

All delicious cakes. There’s a two Specials going on at this page. The Norwegian Birthday Cake, and Roll’s Choice. Check them out or subscribe to ChefNorway at Youtube and facebook to stay updated! So far every cake recipe is Norwegian as far as I know.

Rum Balls

Rum Balls

Delicious chocolate and rum treat, made out of leftover residue from cakes you’ve made before. A good way to use everything even the left over stuff that normally goes in the trash.