Oh I’ve eaten so many 12 øres in my life that it’s not fair to my body. But then again when your high school is next door to a good bakery that has 50% off sale often you kind of have to get one! It’s a southern recipe. Kristiansand is the only place you will find it, but there are similar variations in neighboring cities. Many years back in time, this roll did only cost 12 øre, therefor the name 12 øres. It’s best eaten
30 min after it’s out of the oven. Great for lunch.


1000g white flour
2 tbsp. cardamom
150g sugar
6 dl. milk
100g yeast
150g butter
Homemade Vanilla Cream

Additional Information

Servings: 15-20 pieces

Preparation time:
30-45 minutes
Baking time: 15-17 minutes

Total time: 2 hours
Baking Temperature:
200o Celcius


Start by melting butter in a small casserole pot.
When melted add in the milk and heat up to approximately 37-40oC (100-110oF), +2 minutes should do it
Add flour, cardamom, sugar and yeast to a mixer bowl.
Pour in the butter and milk mixture.
Use the “hook” tool and start the mixer at low speed for 2 minutes.
Continue mixing at full speed for another 7 minutes.
Add more flour if the dough gets too sticky.
Split the dough into pieces of 175g (6.1 oz.) and roll them to round balls.
Flatten each roll so it looks like a mini pizza.
Place on a baking plate with a baking sheet under. I have room for 3-4 rolls.
Mix 1 egg + 2 tbsp. hot water, and brush before you add vanilla cream.
Add a circle of Homemade Vanilla Cream
I like to sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and almonds.
Let the rolls raise for about 10-15 minutes and bake them in the oven.
Try to eat them within 2 hours, because they will lose their absolute freshness quickly!

Homemade Vanilla Cream


5 egg yolks
2 tbsp. maizena (Corn flour)
100g sugar
3 dl. milk
2 dl. heavy cream
1/2 tsp. vanilla


Mix egg yolks, maizena, and sugar in separate bowl that can handle boiling milk (high heat)
To a pot add milk, heavy cream and vanilla
Slowly bring to a boil, while stirring the whole time. You do not want the mix to get burned in any way
Add half a cup of hot milk to the egg mixture, and whisk it quickly.
Pour the egg mixture into the pot.
Slowly heat up the mixture while whisking.
Stop when it gets a good thick consistent
Pour into a long pan, which can fit into your fridge.
Plastic wrap it.
Leave it in the fridge to cool down. 1-2 hours should do it.

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