No, it’s not a new addicting game for your smartphone. Though I can’t say, you won’t get addicted to this christmas candy. I’ve always gotten this at home every year. It has been my dad’s thing to make every year. He uses some of this candy for a cake called Delphia Cake, and the leftovers are eaten throughout the Christmas days. It’s sugar dipped in sugar. Super easy to make, just hard to keep someone from eating them when you are not watching.

Measurements and Ingredients


60g gelatin powder
1 kg sugar
6 dl. water
50 ml. pineapple essence
1 tsp. citric acid
Food coloring

Addition Information

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Cooling time: 24 hours

Total time: 45 minutes
+ Cooling time of 24 hours


First mix sugar and 3 dl water and heat up. (Use a casserole pot that could hold 5 liters.)
When it’s hot, mix gelatin and 3 dl water in a separate container.
Directly add this mixture to the sugar-water and bring everything to a boil. Remember to stir frequently so nothing burns.
When it’s boiling take it away from the heat, and keep stirring until it stops bubbling.
Add pineapple essence and citric acid.
Add your preferred food coloring.
Stir for one more minute, and pour into a large baking pan lined with a baking sheet.
Cool for 24 hours in a fridge.
Lift it out of the baking pan
Add sugar on top of the candy.
Try to separate the edges from the baking sheet.
Flip it onto another baking sheet
Separate the bottom baking sheet from the candy.
Add sugar to the bottom.
Now you can start cutting it into long strips that will be cut again into squares. Remember to dip every side of a square in sugar before storing it away. (Unless you want everything to be glued together every time you want one!)

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