Norwegian Pancakes

This is not breakfast but dinner in Norway. They might seem alike to the french style, but then again they are dessert. Served with thin crispy bacon. Bacon alone should be reason enough to try this for a change! Norwegian Pancakes


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Pancakes and bacon for dinner…What? Gotta try that right?

In Norway pancakes is eaten as a dinner meal. Our pancake is sweet, and fried in butter. They are very thin, and we usually roll them with jam, fresh berries, sugar or bacon fat.

I grew up eating pancakes every Thursday. For a long time this was one my chores after getting back from school. The last couple of years I’ve improved my mothers recipe and this is how the best pancakes in Norway are made.

I hope you try it out and give me your feedback. How did they taste, and did the rest of your dinner companions enjoy it.


  • Mix eggs and sugar
  • Add vanilla, salt and milk to the mixture
  • Sift flour into batter
  • Whisk it until batter is smooth.

* If you have time let the batter rest in a fridge or cold room for a couple of hours. I never do this but this is a common method in Norway

Cooking the dish

  • Warm pan to medium heat
  • Melt butter to coat the pan
  • Poor in batter and spread it out to a thin layered pancake
  • After 1 min, flip the pancake
  • 30 sec later take it of the pan and make another one.
  • Repeat until you have enough pancakes.

Add Bacon strips

  1. Use the same pan you made pancakes in (do not clean it)
  2. Have the pan at maximum heat
  3. Use a couple tabs of butter
  4. Add 3 bacon strips(per person) to the pan.
  5. Cook for 2 min
  6. Flip and cook for another 30 sec.
  7. Poor the fat that’s left in the pan in a cup, and let Dad dip his pancakes in this.

*Don’t get worried if your first pancake becomes a failure. ChefNorway usually fail first pancake to.
Fill pancakes with sugar, strawberry or blueberry jam. Roll them up.

*This recipe gives you about 8-12 pancakes. And you should make 4 pancakes per person. If you need to make for more people don’t add more eggs and salt. Increase every other ingredient.  


Just remember to share your bacon, or not. 


Gives about 8-12 pancakes

Preparation Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

25-30 minutes

It was my job to make them from very young at age every Thursday, so I have a very special relationship with these

Thomas Haarr


I would love if you make this recipe and tell me, and everyone who visit
how much you love it!

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