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Raspberry Lemon Mousse


Raspberry Lemon Mousse is my special occasion dessert. It’s very tasty, quick to make, and looks amazing. It has that fireworks effect with sparkling colors when first looking at it, and when digging into it as well. Raspberry and lemon goes well together and finishes a delicious steak dinner like no other dessert. As with most of my recipes I don’t count calories when making delicious food, and this one is no exception. So I suggest to make the portions not too large.


US Ingredients
1 ½ cup heavy cream
1.75 oz. sugar
2 egg yolks
4.4 oz. sugar
1 lemon
5 gelatin plates
¼ cup hot water
2 egg whites
3 tbsp. raspberry coulis


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  1. Start by adding cream and sugar (50g) to a mixer bowl. Whip it into smooth cream.
  2. Add sugar (125g), egg yolks, lemon juice, lemon zest and raspberry coulis to a separate bowl.
  3. A tip is to not cut all the way through the lemon. Keep it together and squeeze. You’ll avoid lemon seeds in your mixture this way.
  4. Mix this together until it gets a blended color.
  5. Bring water to boil, and add gelatin. Whisk it in while hot.
  6. Add to your lemon mixture, and whisk again.
  7. Add all of your whipped cream, and blend in with your mixture.
  8. Finish by whisking in the egg whites.
  9. You could let it rest in the bowl, or fill dessert glasses. Let it cool in the fridge.

I decorate with raspberry coulis and a forest berry coulis.



Summary This is fireworks, a perfect dessert to finish New years eve, or 4th of July. It's simple to make, got fresh flavors and it's decoration is simple. The dessert is quite heavy to eat, so watch your portioning.


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