I just love this cake. I was first introduced to this during a birthday party in my early teens. It was my friend’s birthday, and I still remember his mom making a double stacked cake tall as any American cake. You won’t believe me before you taste this, but it might just be as good as the description. I know I’m one step closer to heaven cutting a big piece of this cake. Seriously it is that good! Also known as
”Kvæfjordkake” in Norway.


300g butter
300g sugar
300g white flour
2 tsp. baking powder
100 eggs
1 dl. whole milk
350g sugar
150g chopped almonds
50g chopped walnuts
Homemade Vanilla Cream
5 dl. heavy cream

Additional Information

Servings: 24 pieces

Preparation time:
60 minutes
Baking time: 30 minutes

Total time: 2 hours
Baking Temperature:
180o Celcius
355o Fahrenheit


Start with making the Vanilla Cream, as this needs a few hours of cooling time.
When it is cooled down, make whipped cream, with a few tablespoons of sugar.
Split vanilla and whipped cream into two separate bowls.
Mix lightly and let it cool down in the fridge until we use it for the cake.
Now that the filling is in the fridge let’s start on the cake part
Add butter and sugar to a mixer bowl.
Mix the butter and sugar white, 5-10 minutes!
Add egg yolks, milk, white flour and baking soda. Mix for a few minutes.
Pour batter into two baking pans. (Size 10×14”)
Spread the batter. (Evenly make sure to get the corners)
Next, in the mixer add egg whites and sugar
Mix on full speed until it’s very fluffy.
Split this mixture as well and spread on top of the cake batter you worked with earlier.
Crush walnuts and almonds and add to the top of the cake.
Put it in the oven and cook for 30 minutes
When it’s finished, let it cool down for 2-3 hours. In your fridge or freezer.
Fold down the edges of the baking paper.
Add a new baking paper on top of the cake, and flip it over.
Pull off the paper stuck to cake bottom.
Add a new baking paper and flip it again.
You should see a difference between the two layers in the cake. Slice the top half of the cake.
Take the top off and set it to the side.
Add one of your bowls of vanilla and whipped cream, and spread it all over.
Add the top back on.

Homemade Vanilla Cream


10 egg yolks
4 tbsp. maizena (Corn flour)
200g sugar
6 dl. milk
4 dl. heavy cream
1 tsp. vanilla


Mix egg yolks, maizena, and sugar in separate bowl that can handle boiling milk (high heat)
To a pot add milk, heavy cream and vanilla
Slowly bring to a boil, while stirring the whole time. You do not want the mix to get burned in any way
Add half a cup of hot milk to the egg mixture, and whisk it quickly.
Pour the egg mixture into the pot.
Slowly heat up the mixture while whisking.
Stop when it gets a good thick consistent
Pour into a long pan, which can fit into your fridge.
Plastic wrap it.
Leave it in the fridge to cool down. 1-2 hours should do it.

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