The Lunch Menu

I love a good lunch. Personally I’m not so into eating leftovers from yesterdays dinner, but warm food is always better. There’s lots of my recipes that works as great for lunch as for dinner. In Norway most people would still eat their bread and brown cheese, but I’ve been changed by my American influence in life.

ChefNorway’s Famous Burger

This is THE Burger. I am very sure this would tingle everyone who loves a perfect burger. That first bite where you get your jaw out of place because you can’t get a full bite. The second bite where you hit the bacon mixed in the perfect blend of vegetables, cheese, meat and toasted hamburger bread! ENJOY!

Italian Pizza

I love this thin crust pizza, super crispy, and very simple pizza with tomato sauce, Italian ham, basil, and mozzarella. “Pizza Prosciutto” as they would call it.

Chefnorway’s Sørlandskompe – South Norwegian Potatoball

If you should be so lucky that you have leftovers from dinner, there is nothing better than a day old fried potatoball for lunch. You will need a meat grinder for this recipe!

Homemade Bread Rolls

As you see in picture, bread rolls with fresh boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber is a perfect start or ending of the day. I know several people who eats this for lunch every day!

Norwegian Rice Porridge

This must be the most classic Saturday lunch for Norwegians. And it basically makes itself. You only have to boil rice and add milk. Then leave it in the oven for an hour at low heat.

If you come to Norway you will find commercials for this everywhere. Often related with trolls and fairy tale stories.


The Burger

The Burger

A burger that takes time to make, but that meets every expectation. A little bit spicy, peppered, filled with cheese and fresh cut salad. The twist with cucumber, corn and carrots really makes this on stand out from the crowd.

Homemade Carrot Bread

Homemade Carrot Bread

StoryNorwegians love their bread in the morning and as their last meal of the day. We eat it almost every day for lunch as well. Therefore, I can promise you that we love bread. This bread is one of my recipes. It has...