In Norway, the loaf can be one of the cheapest bread types, but also an expensive one. There are not many ingredients to a decent one, but if you need a good one for a special occasion, this is the recipe for you. It’s a little heavier, with a sweet taste and softness with the use of syrup. You can use less yeast, but it will need more time raising.

Measurements and Ingredients


200 grams of butter
1200 grams of all-purpose flour
600 ml. milk
100 grams of yeast
One teaspoon salt
One teaspoon baking powder
Two tablespoons light baking syrup

Addition Information

Servings: 6+

Preparation time: 7-8 minutes
Time in the mixer: 12 minutes
Raising time: 30 minutes
Baking time: 30 minutes

Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Baking Temperature:
225o Celcius
440o Fahrenheit


Start by melting butter in a medium-sized pot. Use medium heat, so the butter does not get browned.
When melted, add in milk and slowly heat for two more minutes.
Add flour, salt, and baking powder, to a mixing bowl.
Add the warm butter and milk mixture.
Use the hook tool, and start mixing at low speed for 2 minutes.
When time is up, remove the hook tool and let the dough rest for 15 min.
Take the dough out of the bowl and onto the kitchen counter, if the dough is sticky use a little bit of white flour.
Split the dough into two, and roll each part into a large bowl. Press down and make a valley in the middle, and roll it into a bread shape.
Repeat procedure with the other dough part.
Brush them with egg and water mix. (before brushing you can use a sharp knife and make artistic cuts to make the bread look awesome)
Bake in the oven. Make sure to check on them after 15 minutes. If the color is there, place baking paper over the bread and bake it the lasting 15 minutes

I suggest you let the bread rest for at least 20 minutes before you cut into it. Use a sharp bread for clean cut slices.

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