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Mozzarella Steak with sauce and spicy potatoes. Score 59%

Mozzarella Steak with sauce and spicy potatoes.

Mozzarella, basil and tenderloin steak is on my favorite ingredients list. I’ve combined them all into a delicious extra special recipe for someone you would show some extra appreciation. It will take you close to 45 minutes to make and about 3 minutes to eat up!

I’ve added my special steak sauce with brandy and fresh cut basil. Creamed and peppered to combine with the steak, cheese and of course. My very special ChefNorway’s Spicy potatoes. This version of my spicy potato recipe doesn’t include all the spices as normal because the recipe itself contains many supplementing tastes. The flavors should be well balanced and then I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

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The Burger Score 87%

The Burger

A burger that takes time to make, but that meets every expectation. A little bit spicy, peppered, filled with cheese and fresh cut salad. The twist with cucumber, corn and carrots really makes this on stand out from the crowd.

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Amazing Nachos Score 85%

Amazing Nachos

Nachos is all about the blend of fresh chips, a good spice mixture and the right combination with a few vegetables and cheese. The design of plating is in mind and it’s a beautiful nacho plating.

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