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Tag: Christmas

Norwegian Christmas Rib Score 77%

Norwegian Christmas Rib

Crispy pork that smells amazing. Combined with medister, sausages, and potatoes. It’s a feast many Norwegians would eat daily 2 weeks from Cristmast day and up to their final traditional Christmas eve dinner. It must be that delicious right?

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Stonebaked Christmas Cakeman Score 86%

Stonebaked Christmas Cakeman

You could smell Norwegian Cakeman being baked, because of the bakers ammonia. This recipe makes them thick, soft and absolutely yummy. You should make this dough the day before, and you could prepare for kids to help out! It’s always fun to pick the shapes you want your cookies to be.

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Christmas Lamb Ribs (Pinnekjøtt) Score 94%

Christmas Lamb Ribs (Pinnekjøtt)

I got to have this every Christmas Eve. I don’t get the Christmas feeling before I smell this dish cooking, and an hour later I’ll be eating the salted lamb, with potatoes and rutabaga mash. I absolutely love it. The meat is easily bought in Norway in December, but could be difficult to get elsewhere…

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Delphia Cake Score 76%

Delphia Cake

If you love way to much chocolate this is the treat you have been looking for. So heavy it might ruin Christmas, but what else should you do during the days off? Everybody needs a diet before spring right?

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