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Norwegian Christmas Rib Score 77%

Norwegian Christmas Rib

Crispy pork that smells amazing. Combined with medister, sausages, and potatoes. It’s a feast many Norwegians would eat daily 2 weeks from Cristmast day and up to their final traditional Christmas eve dinner. It must be that delicious right?

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Lamb & Cabbage Score 46%

Lamb & Cabbage

Truth be told this is a very traditional dish in Norway. It’s like a few of the strange fish traditions where there’s suppose to be served with akvavit. It’s a flavored spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century. This to remove the cabbage taste. But then again there’s people who like cabbage!

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Christmas Lamb Ribs (Pinnekjøtt) Score 94%

Christmas Lamb Ribs (Pinnekjøtt)

I got to have this every Christmas Eve. I don’t get the Christmas feeling before I smell this dish cooking, and an hour later I’ll be eating the salted lamb, with potatoes and rutabaga mash. I absolutely love it. The meat is easily bought in Norway in December, but could be difficult to get elsewhere…

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