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Author: ChefNorway

Pepper Sauce

This pepper sauce is really a great addition to any dark meat meal. Specially when you serve fried or grilled beef and steaks. I’ve also tested it out with turkey so it’ll bring something extra to the table.

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Raspberry Onions

Raspberry Onions is a must have when I serve the love of my life. They truly bring an extra range of flavor to the steak dish, and I’m sure it would fit with other beef related recipes.

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Thick Lefse

Lefse is one of the more famous Norwegian foods known around the world. Lefse is also quite different depending what town you visit, or even what home recipe you’re tasting. There’s sweet, salty, thin, thick, and lefse made with different basic ingredients like potatoes or flour. Served with lots of different fillings as well. This recipe will show the most basic and popular one. Thick lefse with a lefse butter. It’s the kind my grandmother made. Norwegian lefse is a big part of a Norwegian’s childhood and they’ll eat lefse often until their last breath.

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